An Introduction to Indie 184

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An Introduction to Indie 184

Indie 184 is known for her eye-catching pieces featuring the glamorous American film stars of yesteryear with a “happy and flamboyant” twist. While street art and old Hollywood seem an incongruous combination, the timeless countenance of the seductive starlets appear to be right at home – immersed in a colorful thicket of neon paint and bubble text.

Raised by a single mother of four in the ‘rougher’ parts of New York City, Indie 184 is a self-described, “non-conformist.” She originally intended to pursue a career in marketing, but dropped out of business school to teach herself graffiti painting and pursue her dream of being an artist.

Indie 184 Woman Spray Painting

Perhaps inspired by the lifelong presence of strength and support from her mother, Indie’s pieces transmit a distinctly feminist aura. In a 2012 interview with she stated, “The female icons I use(d) not only for the purpose of their stunning beauty, but also their story of how they came, conquered and rocked the world… I loved how they were small town girls, pursued their dreams, broke barriers and made it to worldwide legendary status, thinking BIG. I like that badass female touch to the pieces.”

Indie 184 Art

Herself a mother of three, Indie proves to be living by that philosophy. In 2013 she was commissioned by MAC Cosmetics to design a limited edition makeup purse, and her graffiti has earned a permanent place in the virtual landscape of the top-selling video game, Grand Theft Auto IV. Her signature style has grown from covering street walls, to art gallery canvas, and now – apparel. Indie is the graphic designer for her own urban clothing label, Kweenz Destroy.

Just last week the notorious pun-propagating street artist, Hanksy, hosted a two-day exhibit called “Best of the Worst,” at an abandoned Chase building on the lower east side. The much talked about event featured not just the works of Hanksy, but several others considered to be some of the best street artists in the business. Indie 184 was among the honored individuals.

Indie 184

We know there are still more exciting things to come from this native New York artist, and we’re keeping our eyes open. In the meantime, check out her website for more information about upcoming live paintings, exhibits, prints for purchase, and more. She can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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