Anne Finkelstein Featured in New York Transit Museum’s ‘Platform’

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Anne Finkelstein Featured in New York Transit Museum’s ‘Platform’

A daily commute on the New York City Subway is never dull. Sure, you might go from the same old Point A to the same old Point B – perhaps making the same old transfer – but the sights and sounds along the way bring a much-needed element of surprise to underground transit.

Anne Finkelstein Install Subway

Anne Finkelstein Subway Art

Inspired by the engineering, intricate choreography and impromptu interactions in subway culture, the New York Transit Museum presents PLATFORM: Creative Musings on Mass Transit. True to its name, this crowdsourced exhibition gives a “platform” to “commuters who happen to be artists and artists who happen to be commuters,” as the New York Times aptly described last year’s edition of the show.

Anne Finkelstein Subway Art Up Close

Anne Finkelstein Subway Doors

In the 2017 installation of PLATFORM, Duggal Visual Solutions had the pleasure of helping our longtime client Anne Finkelstein ready her “Transit/Transformation” photomontages derived from images of train stations to replace the advertisements in a vintage train car. Duggal produced more than 50 large pieces, installing them in the exhibit which will run through May. See Anne’s classic work rooted in NYC architecture at

Anne Finkelstein Subway Banner

Anne Finkelstein Subway