AOL NewFront 2016 Takes Over South Street Seaport

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AOL NewFront 2016 Takes Over South Street Seaport

New York City’s South Street Seaport turned into a hip, high-profile block party as AOL introduced its newest programming, partnerships and technologies with the help of top brands and celebrities.

Produced by award-winning event planning agency Barkley Kalpak Agency (BKA), the 2016 edition of AOL NewFronts featured live performances from Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Demi Lovato. The neighborhood takeover and open RSVP list was a bold step out of the typical comfort zone for media company showcases.


“It was not about presenting but about experiencing,” Adam Suellentrop, BKA’s vice president of production and client services told BizBash.

Charlie Eder, director of events for AOL, said that the key theme of “open” translated to bringing the event–which was previously held at 4 World Trade Center in 2015 and at the Duggal Greenhouse in 2014–to the open streets.


“We wanted to break away from the traditional ‘presentation’ format, and treat our audience like the consumers they are,” Eder told BizBash.

“Immersive” is the word that best describes the 2016 AOL NewFront. From previewing the latest gadgets and games to brushing shoulders with media mavens, consumers were fully in on what is usually an exclusive event.

Duggal had the opportunity to be a part of it, too. We produced and installed an array of large format graphics for AOL and featured brands, including banners, signs, posters, backdrops, booths and more. Thank you to AOL and BKA for bringing us into production for the coolest NewFront yet!