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Your Art Gallery’s Corporate Partnership Program

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Your Art Gallery’s Corporate Partnership Program

Duggal Visual Solutions is proud of its exclusive production partnership with and pleased to share news of Your Art Gallery’s Corporate Partnership Program.

The Your Art Gallery Partnership Team helps corporate entities acquire art and decorative solutions from its vast database of stunning photographic imagery. Its services are geared towards hospitality, lodging, corporate interior design, and creating collections from 10 to 100+ acquisitions.

Corporate Partnership Living Room 1

Your Art Gallery professional services encompass:

Site Surveying
Creative Design Consulting
Gallery-Quality Photographic Printing and Framing

Corporate Partnership Living Room 2

Through the proprietary YAG online platform search mechanism and expert consulting, more than 10,000 photography uploads can be searched, and a portfolio assembled based on key factors, including:

Theme, Genre, Content

Black & White vs. Color

Visual Appeal Through The YAG Star Ranking System

Image Size

Suitable Substrate and Framing Preference

Commission Rate

Your Art Gallery provides image acquisition campaigns on behalf of buyers to its 2800+ photographers around the world, or those in a specific region or city.

Corporate Partnership Living Room 3

Your Art Gallery also manages special requests for image usage on behalf of the buyer and, as with every artist represented on Your Art Gallery, manages collecting and distributing 100% of royalties on the buyer’s behalf.

For more information about this exciting corporate partnership program, contact:


43 W. 24th Street

New York, NY 10010