Artist in Hotel Murals | Park Hotel Tokyo

Curators’ Corner

Artist in Hotel Murals | Park Hotel Tokyo

­Skip the museums and spend the night at Park Hotel Tokyo for an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy art from the comfort of your hotel room. Art isn’t just commonly hung on the walls in this establishment; it’s hand-painted floor to ceiling. For the past two years the hotel has been sponsoring their Artist In Hotel project, an initiative that invites artists to stay the night in one of their rooms and transform it into their own one-of-a-kind suite.

Festival: Nanami Ishihara, depicts the energetic and vibrant cultural festivities she has experienced throughout her personal life. Ishihara’s “matsuri” (or festival) inspired room took over one-month to create. This parade of color makes a rare period of fleeting happiness and optimism everlasting.

One hundred poems: The New York based author Masako Inkyo made one hundred wishes by marking “one hundred poems” from ancient times in elegant “hiragana” (or the basic phonetic Japanese script) from wall to wall.

Zodiac: Artist Ryosuke Yasumoto resided in his room for 11 days, creating an immersive wall painting of the 12 animal zodiacs. His strokes are as free as the animals roaming the walls.

 Zen: Calligrapher Seihaku Akiba encourages visitors to find tranquility in an urban setting.

Sumo: Hiroyuki Kimura took a classic approach, painting sumo wrestlers in their traditional poses, each decorated in the honorable attire of a champion. These larger-than-life bodies are in equal parts an inspiring athletic display and a timeless spectacle.

So far, eight rooms have been completed in varying styles and themes. Park Hotel Tokyo plans to add nine Artist Rooms each year over the next three years to create an entire Artist Floor, totaling 31 rooms. What a way to eat, live, breathe and sleep art. Tweet us or comment below to tell us which artist has inspired your desire to visit the Park Hotel Tokyo.