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Banksy Mania Builds in NYC

Curators’ Corner

Banksy Mania Builds in NYC

Banksy continues to tear up New York City as the world-famous street artist’s 1-month “residency” winds down.

Banksy’s NYC run, titled Better Out Than In, began on October 1st in Manhattan, and he’s been tagging sidewalks, walls and even vehicles throughout the boroughs every day since. The elusive graffiti master creates fleeting social and political pieces that are often quickly painted over by property owners, defaced by other artists or fully chiseled out by looters.

While his work sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars, Banksy set up an impromptu pop-up stand near Central Park, where he sold original artwork for $60 a piece. Few caught on, as it took the elderly man working the stand hours to sell his first item. But those who did walked away with pure gold – the New York Daily News reported that a New Zealand woman bought two signed pieces for $120, while a Chicago man left with four paintings that were just “something for the walls” of his new home.

“New York calls to graffiti writers like a dirty old lighthouse,” Banksy told the Village Voice. “We all want to prove ourselves here.”

Who knows where and how Banksy will surface next – stay tuned to to find out.





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