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Before You Buy in Bulk from a Packaging Printer


Before You Buy in Bulk from a Packaging Printer

Ordering in bulk is a classic money-saver in just about any business. When working with a packaging printer, the same concept usually applies—and while the cost savings may seem nominal on paper, they have the potential to be much more impactful in the long run.

Packaging Costs

There are many different variables that go into packaging costs, including the material, ink, prototyping, design, special features and—we’re back to it—volume. While small runs can certainly be manageable with recent advances in packaging printer technology, the cost benefits of ordering in bulk usually apply. This is especially true if your packaging is relatively standard, whereas a more complex design may be cost-prohibitive in a large quantity.

Potential Savings

Many packaging companies will encourage bulk purchases by offering lower or discounted rates to businesses that purchase in bulk. As bulk-purchasing ultimately saves them money, they are able to offer some recourse for those who enable these savings. A large order is also more viable for them to fit into their production schedule.

Before the Bulk Run: Packaging Prototyping at Duggal

Duggal helps brands and agencies realize innovative new packaging designs through professional comps. These short-run prototypes are cost-effective, yet high-quality, with certified color managed digital print technology run by proprietary software. 

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Duggal Packaging Comp Division can assist you with 3D printing and models, TV hero comps, card comps, prototype packaging, and labels. See an example here and contact us to learn more.