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Benefits of Custom Displays

Techniques/ Tips

Benefits of Custom Displays

Custom displays are essential for any business or brand in need of communicating who they are, what they have to offer, and what makes them better than the rest. Displays present a great opportunity to showcase your products or services with eye-catching visuals.

Custom Displays Separate You from Your Competitors

The best portable booths are those that grab your audience’s attention. Displays that capture the essence of your product or brand achieve this best. Colorful custom graphics are paired with one-of-a-kind designs to boost your image, literally and figuratively, both in-house and on the road.

Customization is key, and nowadays, displays range from interactive pieces to life-size prints, wall mounts, and banners. With laser cutters and router cutting machines, a wide array of materials can be used for printing, including acrylics, fabrics, mirrors, wood, leather, and metals. In collaboration with the right display craftsmen, you could be on your way to creating either a one-off boutique display or a nationwide rollout.

Portable Displays Enhance Your Visibility at Events

Custom displays are incredibly versatile. They can be made practical for the multitude of environments and social settings where you find yourself in need of visual representation. In the sea of information at trade shows, exhibitions, and festivals, custom displays are more important than ever.

Whether it’s a bold brand message, your logo, or creative expression of your company’s mission, it’s important that portable displays are as enticing as they are functional, without losing the unique flair that sets a brand apart.

Window Displays in the Digital Age

Custom-made displays and fixtures offer endless solutions for storefronts, hotels, and showrooms. Think photographic backdrops, CAD Cut vinyl, LED light boxes, and interactive multimedia functioning as works of art rather than traditional in-store advertising.

Custom Displays by Duggal

It’s reassuring to know that at Duggal, our designers can create 3D renderings of your display before fabrication to ensure your satisfaction. Displays are then produced in-house using the latest and greatest technology along with state-of-the-art equipment. Get in contact with us today if you’re inspired to create a custom display for your brand.