Benefits of Metal Prints

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Benefits of Metal Prints

Have you considered gold, copper, steel, aluminum or silver to be the medium for your next print? Metal offers unique advantages over other traditional substrates such as canvas or paper. Learn more about the benefits of metal prints in this quick read.

Metal Prints Can Be Cleaned

With metal prints, stains, smudges and other impurities can simply be wiped off because the dye is protected underneath the surface coating. With more vulnerable pieces, such as prints on canvas, you don’t have this luxury and instead run the risk of damaging the print by trying to clean it off.

Longevity in Harsh Conditions

Metal prints are heat resistant and hold up very well in humid environments, especially in comparison to their counterparts. This makes metal prints great for the kitchen, sunroom, or anywhere you anticipate having high heat or sun exposure. In fact, the fading process for metal prints doesn’t start until after 100 years of sunlight exposure.

No Additional Mounting Difficulty

It’s a common misconception that metal is heavy and thus makes the mounting and hanging process much more difficult than with other print mediums. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, aluminum, which tends to be the metal . print material of choice, is a surprisingly lightweight substrate and therefore very easy to mount.

Metal prints are also scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your print during the mounting process. This should alleviate any concerns about framing, as metal prints still work wonderfully within a traditional frame and can enhance the overall aesthetic when done properly.

Metal Prints by Duggal

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