Blincam: Snap Photos in the Blink of an Eye (Literally)

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Blincam: Snap Photos in the Blink of an Eye (Literally)

Imagine a world where you could encapsulate precious moments without awkwardly fumbling your iPhone or lugging around camera equipment. Google Glass, the omnipresent computer that could take photos via blinking, tried to make this a reality—and then ceased sales in January 2015. Now, Blincam, a new hands-free mini camera that can slip onto eyeglasses, is trying to make a go at “blink photography.”

According to The Verge, the technology, which isn’t even at the Kickstarter stage yet, has a “patent pending eye movement sensor,” that is gaining traction through a Makuake crowdfunding page in Japan. A promo video shows how the camera rests on eyeglasses and can be triggered by the blink or wink of an eye, allowing users to capture what they are “seeing” quite literally. The photos are instantly saved, and can be downloaded to a smartphone or uploaded to a virtual database for storage. Blincam also comes equipped with a microSD plug to increase the accessibility of the photos.

“I designed this camera for those who don’t want to miss shutter chances. So you can take any photos even when your hands are full — like logging daily life,” says CEO and Founder, Shota Takase. “You should see the moment not through the screen of your smart phone, but through your eyes.”

Blincam looks to be especially valuable to photographers logging fast-paced or high-involvement activities, such as sports or outdoor photography. The final version of the camera is estimated to cost around $185 USD and expected to hit the market in early 2017. That’s a little ways off, but stay tuned, because when Blincam happens (and they’re already 1,000% funded), it will be coveted as “the world’s smallest and quickest camera.”

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