Blurb Users Can Now Sell Their Photo Books on Amazon

Curators’ Corner

Blurb Users Can Now Sell Their Photo Books on Amazon

Online photo book platform Blurb has announced that users are now able to sell their self-published books through Amazon.

Previously, users could only sell through the Blurb-hosted “Direct Sell” program. The “Blurb to Amazon” option unlocks instant global distribution through the world’s largest online marketplace.

“Self-publishing photographers want to be on Amazon; it’s the equivalent of being in a high street shop,” said Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins, adding that Blurb will facilitate the whole process.

Gittins also said there will be no minimum print run for selling on Amazon; as with the Blurb platform itself, users can sell one book or 1,000. And for orders exceeding 300 copies, Blurb will warehouse the books for up to six months. Amazon does apply a few fees, including 15% of the product price as a referral fee. Profit is delivered to the author monthly via PayPal.

After a free introductory period, there will be a $29.99 setup fee per book.

Gittins describes the new partnership as “radical transformation of what it means now to really self publish and to really have a level playing field.”

We love seeing new opportunities like this for photographers to get their work out there.  Have you used Blurb? Tell us in the comments below.