BMW: Making The Ultimate Driving Machine

Curators’ Corner

BMW: Making The Ultimate Driving Machine

Just looking at a red 2013 BMW 328i is enough to make you want to climb behind the wheel and drive away.  But BMW is not just about driving, it’s about the “Ultimate Driving Experience”.  With the launch of the luxury car-makers, “BMW on Demand” rental program, BMW marketing professionals had to engage potential clients to dream about when they might need that ultimate experience… just by looking at the car.

Without distracting from the powerful look and design of the 328i, Duggal Visual Solutions created a hi-resolution, high-gloss custom wrap, emulating the luxury standard of paint-coating every BWM receives.  The side panels greet the passerby with a pleasant “HAVE AN ULTIMATE…”, allowing everyone to fill in the rest with one of the hundred subtle possibilities blanketing the rest of the vehicle.

Duggal Visual Solutions is proud of our partnership with BMW and continue to change the photo and printing industry by making the ULTIMATE high resolution, large formats and materials available to creative and design professionals around the world.

DSC_9447-300x199     DSC_9451-300x199

DSC_9460-300x199     DSC_9468-300x199