Brand Your Office: From Raw Space to Hip Headquarters

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Brand Your Office: From Raw Space to Hip Headquarters

Congrats, you’ve just locked in the perfect office space for your business. Now it’s time to make it truly yours. Creating a unique visual experience will help you to:

  • Inspire customers
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Establish a healthy workplace culture
  • Retain top talent

Here are a few tips for branding your new office space:

Convey Your Business Objectives Through Art and Design

What is your company’s story? Think back to that first idea, the one that sparked action and led to the venture that is succeeding today. What was the vision? What made the concept different? Make a list of things that set your brand apart, and then consider how they can be converted into an overall experience through branded graphics, displays, and details. In the end, you will have a physical manifestation of your brand.


Do: Communicate Symbolically

If creativity and collaboration are your company’s driving forces, cultivate an open atmosphere free of physical boundaries. An open floor plan, or meeting rooms with glass walls, can help to create a sense of togetherness. offers 10 office design tips to foster creativity.

If your business instead revolves around strategy, prompt critical thinking by incorporating things like whiteboards, maps, and chess tables. If production or manufacturing is the name of the game, elements of “the process” make for great emblems and accents.


Don’t: Slap a Logo Somewhere and Call it a Day

It’s not just about a logo on the wall or door anymore. People need more. From the welcome mat, to the furniture, to the lighting, to the artwork on the walls, building out a 360-degree, fully-integrated brand concept will help to give your space an identity. For inspiration, check out how Duggal helped Real Estate Arts brand a Midtown Manhattan property in totally unexpected ways.


Do: Save Room for Growth

Consider a design that’s agile—one that will let allow you to move things around as your business grows and your needs evolve. Why invest all of your resources into a dramatic floor plan that, based on business projections, will be outgrown in two years?

Veer away from fixed spaces and go for flexible ones where a break room doubles as a meeting space, or a showroom doubles as a workspace. Forward-thinking interior design experts will suggests incorporating things like filing cabinets with seats that slide out, or lounge chairs equipped with mini desk surfaces.


Don’t: Ignore History

You can find a great deal of inspiration in the history that has already laid its roots in the surrounding space and neighborhood. The same way that Janus Property Company and Duggal Visual Solutions chose to “build upon, not over” when revitalizing Harlem’s Manhattanville Factory District, you can reimagine a building’s new personality by striking a balance between its past and your vision for its future.


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