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Bricksy: Building Banksy

Curators’ Corner

Bricksy: Building Banksy

There is always hope. Especially if you tie it to your wrist.

Award-winning photographer Jeff Friesen recently released his latest work of LEGO-art. He created the 50 States of LEGO last year, and just as amusing are his LEGO reproductions of Banksy graffiti art. The Bricksy series includes 20 LEGO dioramas recreating iconic Banksy works, each with a reference thumbnail of an original Banksy piece.

Friesen says that this series developed off another called LEGO London. “I wanted to feature one of Banksy’s works in LEGO London but it was hard to settle on which one, so I started doing a separate Banksy series. LEGO is an unlikely medium for duplicating gritty street scenes and that’s part of the appeal,” Friesen said.

In these tongue-in-cheek accounts, Friesen literally builds on the most prevalent Banksy pieces, such as Balloon Girl, to create underground LEGO street art. Classic images such as Kissing Coppers, Naked Man and Maid in London are all reimagined in LEGO form.

See all Bricksy pieces in a gallery at The Brick Fantastic.

Experts say that in London you are never less than 12 meters away from a tightrope-walking rat. The Royal Urban Stencil Regiment is a secret branch of the Queen’s Guard. Their ritual “nicking of the spray paint” is a rarely photographed ceremony in London hardware shops. Laugh now, but you’re paying $3700 a year for burnt coffee.