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Brooklyn Brewery: A Growing Legend

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Brooklyn Brewery: A Growing Legend

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In a borough overwhelmingly rich in history, Brooklyn Brewery is made of legends.

When founders Steve Hindy and Tom Potter met as neighbors in the 1980s, Hindy was handing out his home brews after returning to Brooklyn from the Middle East, where he had been risking his life daily for six years as a war correspondent. Upon learning that Potter was an investment banker, Hindy persisted in asking him (over beer, of course) to map out hypothetical numbers and scenarios that would turn his hobby into a business.

The idea slowly grew from a chuckle to the two attending brewers conferences together, and finally to the 1988 founding of a brewery and culture that would single-handedly revive Brooklyn’s historic role in the industry. Today, Brooklyn beers are distributed in 25 states and 20 countries as the brewery continues to grow.

Every facet of the Brooklyn Brewery is a corner of unparalleled expertise. Branding and packaging is crafted by luminary designer Milton Glaser, perhaps most famous for the “I Love NY” logo. Meanwhile, brewmaster and creative genius Garrett Oliver is pretty much the authority on beer – as in editor-in-chief of the 960-page Oxford Companion to Beer (essentially the beer encyclopedia).

Duggal Visual Solutions is proud to lend a hand in the new Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment, the latest chapter in the brewery’s tale. Jeff Frankle worked with Milton Glaser and the Brooklyn Brewery team to create a series of intertwined graphics illustrating the artistry behind Wild Streak, the first beer release in the campaign.

“Jeff was such a pleasure to work with,” Tasting Room Events Manager Erin McNair said, adding that the Wild Streak release party was a huge hit. “Everything went beautifully.”

Cheers to that, and special thanks to Erin for hosting a couple of our beer enthusiast team members who stopped by for the scoop on the Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment. We’re already excited for the next BQE release!