Brooklyn Museum: “Ai WeiWei: According to What?”

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Brooklyn Museum: “Ai WeiWei: According to What?”

The creative genius of controversial Chinese artist Ai WeiWei spans sculpting, photography, filmmaking, architecture and activism. His work explores hot-button issues in culture, history, politics and the significance of expression.

In 2011, Ai’s outspoken political activism against the Chinese government landed him in jail. His passport was confiscated, and he is still forbidden from traveling outside of China. However, that doesn’t stop his work from circulating on social media and in museums around the world.

Now on display at the historic Brooklyn Museum, Ai WeiWei: According to What? takes viewers through the complex mind of the world’s most provocative artists. The exhibition features gripping imagery accompanied by a heart-wrenching installation of salvaged rubble and items from the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Duggal is proud of both our relationship with the Brooklyn Museum and being entrusted by them to be a part of this riveting exhibition. Marina Stark and Faye Iwata consulted with museum curators to produce more than 6,000 square feet of gallery-quality wallpaper displaying Ai WeiWei’s artwork, including the two-room earthquake installation and a complete transformation of museum staircases into visual galleries.

EXTRA: Check out the Brooklyn Museum team of art handlers and studio assistants putting 700 bicycles together to create Ai Weiwei’s Stacked installation, coincidentally under the watchful eye of Right Eye from an Anthropoid Coffin, reproduced in grand format by Duggal as part of the Brooklyn Museum Egyptian Body Parts exhibit.