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Business Is Personal: Thoughtful Holiday Gifts from Our Sister Companies


Business Is Personal: Thoughtful Holiday Gifts from Our Sister Companies

2020 blurred the lines between work and home. While it may have taken some time to adapt—and perhaps a few minutes with your mic on mute to tame barking dogs, attend to crying babies, or field that food delivery—the amalgamation made our professional relationships stronger than ever. In tune with the times, these holiday gift ideas from the Duggal family of companies are personal, yet professional, and delivered to your recipients’ doorsteps or inboxes.

Creative Corporate Gifting
Each and every client you do business with has a personal life that has been uprooted during the pandemic. Turn what you know—or what you’ve learned—about their hobbies and interests into a photographic keepsake at Shop Duggal, our expanded online storefront. If you’re especially close with the person and/or their family, you might consider gifting a print of a picture from when you spent time together.

(Home) Office Décor
Whether your clients are working at home or in the office, give their space a visual boost with wall art. Again, think of the activities they enjoy or the imagery they’ll appreciate. In addition to Shop Duggal, Your Art Gallery, our platform for artists to monetize their passion and accelerate their careers, is a fantastic place to create custom décor. At Your Art Gallery, you can browse and order beautiful artwork from up-and-coming artists, with printing and fulfillment by Duggal, and 90% of royalties paid to the artist.

Gallery-Quality Printing Gift Cards
Unsure or uncomfortable choosing an image to gift to a colleague, client or boss? Shop Duggal offers gift cards for photo prints, canvas prints, photo books and more. Your recipients can browse our online collection of high-end products and customize them just the way they want. If you’ve waited until the last minute before the holidays, not to worry, these gift cards are delivered by email.

Shop now at Shop Duggal and Your Art Gallery.