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Face Mask Fashion from Duggal Clients


Face Mask Fashion from Duggal Clients

Mask up; there’s no reason not to. Aside from helping to keep others safe, the latest word from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is that a face covering can also provide protection to the wearer. Plus, mask fashion is in full force. Here are a few of our top picks from our professional bubble:


The AIRism face mask is both comfortable and affordable, with three layers of high-tech fabric. It also comes in sizes so you can find a snug fit. Buy it by the three on Uniqlo’s website.


Louis Vuitton
Looking to go all in for a luxury face field and fashion statement in one? Check out this piece from Louis Vuitton. Or, double down on fabric with an LV face mask-bandana combo.

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For those funneling their 2020 frustrations toward fitness, keep going hard while staying safe with an Adidas face cover. These look sharp.


New York Jets
The NFL Shop has all sorts of options for face coverings to show your support for your favorite pro football team. Win or lose, we love our Jets. M-A-S-K, mask, mask, mask!


Everlane’s “100% Human” tagline represents the brand’s ongoing campaign for human rights and is now available on face masks. Insider wrote, “For every 5-pack sold, Everlane will donate 10% of proceeds to the ACLU. Basically, it’s a good mask that supports an even better cause.”

Duggal applauds all of its clients, each pursuing their own positive impact in the fight against the pandemic.