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Capture the Moment 2019 Now Open for Entries


Capture the Moment 2019 Now Open for Entries

The glaring difference between a photograph one remembers long after viewing, and one might sadly forget too soon, depends in part on whether the photo convincingly captures a definitive moment in time.

As viewers, we long for connection to these moments. In strong photos, a backstory becomes apparent and the tale it tells might evoke an emotional response captivating viewers even further, burning the image into memory, allowing your audience to unfold stories of their own, all in response to your art.

In Duggal’s 2019 Capture the Moment Contest, we invite you to submit for consideration, a photo of one captured moment. Your image provides a unique record of one moment of inspiration. The story it tells may be abstract, concrete, internal or external – it’s up to you. Capture the moment.

Submissions for the 2019 Capture The Moment contest are now closed. Check back shortly for this year’s winner announcements.

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