Capturing ‘Mermaid 105’

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Capturing ‘Mermaid 105’


To capture a mermaid is to attain the unattainable.

For visual artist Michael Dweck, it was similar to fishing.

Now on display at New York’s legendary Staley-Wise Gallery in SoHo is the queen of mermaids, a 16-foot by 9-foot aqueous piece, titled Mermaid 105, embodying the allure and mystery of nature’s most beautiful mythical creature. Derived from Dweck’s 2009 collection, Mermaids, the image is the centerpiece of Staley-Wise’s Underwater exhibition. In fact, it is the largest piece the gallery has ever featured.

What makes Mermaid 105 so unique, though, is the irony and symbolism behind it. Dweck explains:

“The dry, mountable image of an aquatic form is the ironic remainder of two dreams: a man’s dream that’s dissolved into the inky sea, and the dream of his muse that’s been dragged to shore, dried and prepped for mounting.” 

An image of this size is meant to leave a lasting impression beyond conventional photographic reproduction. Dweck consulted Duggal’s Marina Stark to employ Duggal’s technological edge, which Dweck says keeps him coming back to us for his wide-ranging printing needs. Our HP Latex 3000 Printer proved advantageous for the job, printing the piece at 1200 dpi on custom, seamless wallpaper. The canvas material adds dimensionality to the large-scale image, giving it the visual qualities of a fisherman’s catch mounted on a wall.

Simply stunning. Click here to learn more about the exhibition, and keep an eye out for more from Dweck. We are huge fans of both his work and creative spirit.

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Images courtesy of Staley-Wise Gallery