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Charles Tyrwhitt, Custom Framing and the Art of Deconstruction

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Charles Tyrwhitt, Custom Framing and the Art of Deconstruction

Both the president of Rolls-Royce and former British Prime Minister David Cameron wear Charles Tyrwhitt menswear.

Known for well-crafted clothing, the British retailer recently opened a new flagship store in Westfield World Trade Center, New York City’s newest shopping destination. Part of Charles Tyrwhitt‘s interior design strategy for the new location included visual merchandising with deconstructed products, developed in partnership with Duggal Visual Solutions and led by Duggal associate, Brittany Wirtz alongside Charles Tyrwhitt project leader, Edwige Nordelus.

Working on a tight timeline, Duggal’s framing department sewed, assembled and arranged a variety of materials–including bow ties, a dress shirt, a shoe and a suit jacket–within five custom walnut art frames. The process involved innovative adhesive and mounting techniques on Plexiglass, executed to precision by Duggal framing specialists, Ryan Reitbauer, Ravi Persaud and Michael O’Connell.

Several of the product installations involved a complicated layering of components, while others–such as the piece, “How to Tie a Tie”–called for an elegant display of text and commentary.

Duggal has an ongoing relationship with Charles Tyrwhitt, but this project was truly one of a kind. Take a look at a few images below:


Charles Tyrwhitt _SHADOW BOXES_LO RES-16

Charles Tyrwhitt _SHADOW BOXES_LO RES-07

Charles Tyrwhitt _SHADOW BOXES_LO RES-04

Charles Tyrwhitt _SHADOW BOXES_LO RES-01