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Choosing the Right Retail Window Display

Techniques/ Tips

Choosing the Right Retail Window Display

A captivating window display can be as valuable for attracting customers as the storefront location itself. If you’re located on a busy street or in a prime shopping destination, consider reimagining your store window as a canvas for creativity rather than simply a view into your store.

Impress Customers Before They Walk in the Door

Think of your storefront as having fashion show potential. When crafted correctly, a window display highlighting your company’s most unique elements can go a long way toward drawing people into the store. It’s refreshing to know that businesses aren’t limited to backdrops and one-dimensional displays. Today, window displays range from multimedia touchscreens to artistic and abstract representations.

A Firm Handshake Gives a Good First Impression

Now, liken your window display to a handshake with the person on the other side. It’s the first brand message you’re conveying to the customer. How many times have you walked by a store, looked at the window display, and made an instantaneous decision whether or not you want to enter? What typically makes you decide you want to see more? If your window display is uninspiring or out of date, the chances are high that potential customers will keep walking. Don’t give your competitors the upper hand by neglecting the potential of your storefront windows.

Displays Change with the Seasons

Your window display can also act as a catalog, seasonally rotated to reflect new items or offerings. Many brands design their windows to match a campaign or promotion running online. Regardless, your window display should always be updated to showcase the products you want to highlight and capture the essence of what’s in season.

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