Clever Underwater Portraits Of Kids Being Kids

Curators’ Corner

Clever Underwater Portraits Of Kids Being Kids


We all know kids say the darndest things, but who knew they were such excellent subjects for underwater photography?

Connecticut-based artist Alix Martinez recently combined her skills as a child and underwater photography to create the ongoing ‘Water’ portrait series, which features several brave young boys and girls performing various activities at the bottom of a pool.

The photos are aesthetically beautiful and, at times, wildly amusing.  One shot shows two kids enjoying a cup of tea; another features two young footballers having a catch. Our favorite, though, is a young boy putting for birdie on the treacherous 19th hole…the pool.

Martinez’s fascination with underwater photography is nothing new.  She described the allure and elegance of the craft to My Modern Net:

“I have always loved photographs that display ripples and reflections. There’s something magical and beautiful when water is photographed. Since I am a children’s photographer, I am always trying to come up with ideas to photograph them in a unique way.

The first time I almost drowned because I saw a shot I did not want to miss, but it is so rewarding when you look at your images.  When I started, I could only hold my breath for 25 seconds and now I feel like a marine going under for 2 minutes.”

Martinez’s underwater project was recently featured by NBC News and NBC Today. Scroll down and enjoy a selection of images from ‘Water.’

Photos courtesy of Alix Martinez