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Clodagh Stages First-Ever Gallery Exhibition at NYC’s Cheryl Hazan Gallery

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Clodagh Stages First-Ever Gallery Exhibition at NYC’s Cheryl Hazan Gallery

Internationally recognized interior designer Clodagh was one of the earliest modern adopters of feng shui, the ancient art of creating harmony between space and psyche, evolving her practice to pioneer the green design movement with Life-Enhancing Minimalism™. Fans, followers and collectors gained a unique and exclusive glimpse into Clodagh’s creative spirit in Ephemera, a conceptual collection of photographic work from her last 10 years of travel.

Displayed at Cheryl Hazan Gallery, the exhibition brought an exploration of “the transient moments of life—and the way the nostalgia of memory informs my reality,” the artist said. “Both design and art are universal languages…they need no translation.”

Brickell Series, Photograph printed on vibrachrome, 28 x 40 inches each

The gallery wrote:

“The Irish-born, New York City-based designer’s award-winning interior architectural and landscape projects are the physical manifestations of a groundbreaking toolbox of modalities—biophilia, radiesthesia, chromatherapy wabi sabi and feng shui—and the unique way in which she captures these ephemeral ideas to manifest them into interior architectural designs that address holistic wellness (mind, body, spirit) for those who inhabit her spaces.”

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As a visual production partner in many of Clodagh’s corporate projects, Duggal Visual Solutions’ Ruchika Attri and Bob Kapoor have become extremely attuned to her style. As soon as they laid eyes on the exhibition images, they knew that Vibrachrome metal prints were the ideal material selection. With the recommendation approved by both the artist and gallery, Attri and Kapoor put 64 pieces—on white metal, in three different finishes, at sizes ranging from 17” x 11” to 72” x 48”, with bracing—into production to be completed within a week. Clodagh loved the sleek and thin nature of the prints, as well as their waterproof and scratch-resistant qualities.

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