RGB or red, green, blue is an additive color model. When red, green, and blue light are combined they can produce a wide array of colors. Computer monitors emit light and the light is emitted in the RGB color system. All of the colors on the visible spectrum can be produced through RGB, but computer monitors are limited in what they can display.

Computer monitors emit light but inked paper absorbs or reflects wavelengths, therefore printing must be done in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key or black) because they are subtractive colors. CMYK pigments act as filters and they subtract levels of red, green and blue from white light in order to produce a selective group of colors.

Because you must convert to CMYK for printing, the image you see on your computer may not look exactly like the image you print, but Duggal’s color matching technology allows us to match what you see on screen (in CMYK) to your print.

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