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Community Spotlight: Hungarian Scouts

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Community Spotlight: Hungarian Scouts

Duggal Visual Solutions’ charitable arm, the Duggal Big Picture Foundation, donates more than just money to meaningful causes. In addition to fundraising for many organizations over the years, we have also focused on promoting the arts and providing educational opportunities.

Oftentimes, it’s our team members who take the initiative to suggest a workshop, fundraiser or campaign. For instance, Sandor Lugosi in Duggal’s Portland, Oregon office recently invited the city’s local Hungarian Scouts troop to learn about color theory, photography and printing from our experts. The students enjoyed a live demonstration of digital C-printing, a video presentation on our late founder, Baldev Duggal, and a tour of the Duggal West photo studio.

Photos from a Fun Day in Portland

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Passion and Purpose

The Duggal Big Picture Foundation aims to inspire, educate, and empower children through exposure to photography and arts at a young age. By teaching them the joys and practical skills of the visual arts, we enable them to explore their own creative potential and self-worth, methods proven to boost confidence in all other areas of life. When young people are given the chance to create, it encourages them to recognize and spread beauty in their communities and in the world. To learn more, visit