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Coolest. Train. Ever. – Artist Covers Entire Locomotive in Neon Yarn

Curators’ Corner

Coolest. Train. Ever. – Artist Covers Entire Locomotive in Neon Yarn

Tired of waiting for that same old rusty train to pull into the station every morning and evening? New York-based artist Olek can brighten up even the least inspiring of commutes.

The Polish-born crochet queen recently completed her largest “yarn bombing” ever – a four-car locomotive entirely covered in neon yarn. Olek told Metro that a train ride from New York to San Francisco made her think to herself, “Hey, why not crochet a train,” while Polish poet Julian Tuwim’s “The Locomotive” inspired her to approach authorities in her native country with the idea.

After 3 months of planning, Olek was given the green light, and the rest was history. Two straight days through the rain with four nifty assistants later, an absolute masterpiece was on display in Łódź, Poland.

“I must confess: during that rainy night, we had some tea doused with vodka to keep us warm,” Olnek laughed with Metro.

She joked with Hi-Fructose that she should call the train “deadly romance.”

“I love it, but it almost killed me,” she said. “If the natural progression is to make bigger, better pieces, what should I make next? Can someone give me a plane? Or should I go to the moon?”

Who knows what’s next from Olek, but we know one thing: it’s going to be awesome. In the meantime, click here to see more of her work.