Crescent Moon Steals Lime Slice’s Role in ‘Luna Corona’ Billboard

Curators’ Corner

Crescent Moon Steals Lime Slice’s Role in ‘Luna Corona’ Billboard

A slivered moon rests perfectly atop an open Corona bottle in what is easily the most satisfying celestial event in the books.

Corona’s billboard at the intersection of 9th Avenue and 15th Street in NYC is a special one – During a certain part of the lunar cycle, you’ll see the illusion of the moon lodged in the mouth of an ice cold Corona as a lime wedge so famously would be otherwise. Corona and advertising agency Cramer-Krasselt worked diligently with astronomers and mathematicians to pull off the clever stunt.

“We worked with top universities and planetariums to calculate every angle,” a promotional video boasts.

Corona uses its hypnotizing tropical-themed graphics in an illuminated brand message: “Day or night, find your beach.”

We love the innovative mindset behind this billboard and are extremely impressed by the precise calculations that made it work. We’ll definitely have our eyes to the night sky for the next “Luna Corona” event. And for our friends in the New York area, we’ll keep you posted on when it’s coming up!