Custom Labels, Decals and Stickers!

Print and Cut is a service Duggal offers for die-cut decal jobs. This is performed entirely on a Roland XC-540 machine, and is intended for detailed and/or multi-colored graphics. Print and Cut uses vector and raster graphics but machine must be given a vector line to follow in the cutting process.

First, data is sent to the Roland, which prints the entire image on an uncut sheet of vinyl. It is then allowed to dry before being pulled back into the machine and cut along a designated vector path. The vinyl we use is self-adhesive, and only the vinyl itself, not the liner, is cut. After the main cutting, your print is sent to quality control for a process called “weeding.” During this process, techs remove the parts of the cut vinyl that will not be installed by hand, which leaves only the “live” area on the release liner.

There are a few requirements one should keep in mind when preparing for print and cut. Any file that is submitted must be an illustrator file, and while raster images can be included, the path intended to be cut must be a vector line. Any details under ½” are likely to be torn, lifted, or otherwise damaged as the machine is not designed to make cuts that detailed. Although most projects are not laminated, if it is necessary, extra steps can be taken to laminate the piece after printing (with registration marks). The machine is sent information on these marks and cuts the laminated print.

Any decal or lettering that is a solid color can also be cut, but would be sent to a different department called “cad cut,” since that uses pre-colored vinyl.