Custom Light Boxes by Duggal

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Custom Light Boxes by Duggal

Duggal is a leading producer of light boxes – eye-catching illuminated graphics with outstandingly vibrant color and character. From ultra-thin gallery to grand format and any dimensions in between, our energy-efficient custom light boxes light up rooms with dazzling LED, LCD or fluorescent backlighting.

Take creative design to new heights with a high-impact graphic that will instantly mesmerize your audience. Your custom light box comes in a wide variety of materials and style options including:

–       Ultra-Thin Gallery – sleek, contemporary design with easy-to-manage Duraclear graphic

–       LED – custom-made, edge-lit graphic using the latest LED lighting technology, cutting energy costs to roughly 2/3 the cost of fluorescent lighting.

–       Ultra-Slim – acrylic material with Duratrans graphic and long-lasting cool or warm LED lightning

–       Grand Format – transform a wall or room with a massive illuminated graphic up to 15 feet by almost any size (canvas and vinyl options available)

–       Fluorescent – industry standard, vivid 4-inch deep fluorescent tube lighting available in a vast number of sizes

–       Custom Gasket Framed – 4-inch deep frame featuring a borderless appearance at any size with Fluorescent or Duggal’s patented LED lighting.

–       Outdoor – Custom made per project

Duggal experts manage everything from design to fabrication, through installation and even graphics swaps; contact your Duggal sales representative to discuss your next project.