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Dartmouth College Launches ‘The Call to Lead’ at Duggal Greenhouse

DVS Project, Greenhouse

Dartmouth College Launches ‘The Call to Lead’ at Duggal Greenhouse

One of America’s most prestigious academic institutions, Dartmouth College embarked on an impassioned campaign at the Duggal Greenhouse, where an April 27 gala brought more than 500 alumni, families, and friends together for “The Call to Lead.”

Much more than a fundraiser, “The Call to Lead” aims to advance Dartmouth’s liberal arts experience–and, in turn, the human condition around the globe. “Our vision for Dartmouth imagines a campus that has the courage to take on some of the great issues of our time. This is a campaign for everyone who loves and believes in Dartmouth—and sees hope in future generations,” the campaign’s website reads.

At the Greenhouse, guests enjoyed a Friday evening on the Brooklyn Waterfront, complete with the Dartmouth marching band and visual nods to the beautiful Hanover, N.H. campus including the Dartmouth Green, historic buildings, and homecoming bonfire. Dinner was accompanied by a video presentation packed with pride, nostalgia, and inspiration. A sophisticated afterparty followed.

In addition to hosting the event, Duggal collaborated with producer and ongoing partner Empire Entertainment to help set the stage–literally–for Dartmouth’s future. See photos below.

The Call To Lead Duggal Greenhouse Dartmouth Event

Dartmouth The Call to Lead Thayer building

Dartmouth Event: The Call to Lead Geisel

Tuck Building The Call to Lead Dartmouth Event

Dartmouth band playing outside Duggal Greenhouse

The Call to Lead Bonfire

The call to lead event at Duggal Greenhouse