Designing Symantec’s Cambridge Offices

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Designing Symantec’s Cambridge Offices

In the information age, security is paramount and threats to it are ever-changing. Symantec is a global software leader providing businesses and consumers with security, storage and systems management solutions they can trust. Operating in 48 countries with roughly 21,500 employees and more than 1,900 global patents, Symantec is home to the brightest minds in all of tech. Likewise, many of the world’s most valuable corporations rely on the provider’s technological leadership in the protection of data.

At its offices in Cambridge, Mass., Symantec imprints its dynamic culture on staff and visitors alike through sleek modern design. Led by creative director Glenn Rabbach and coordinator Blaze Gregorio, Duggal produced and installed more than 10,000 square feet of material for Symantec’s newest corporate location just outside of Boston.

Symantec's Cambridge Office Symantec's Cambridge Hallway Red Wall

Patterned vinyl wallcoverings add aesthetic appeal to the hallways, while dusted crystal and custom frosted window graphics allow for privacy in conference rooms and executive offices. Most notably, the words “protect” and “solve” visually illustrate Symantec’s core mission in bright, bold lettering.

  Symantec's Cambridge Office Glass Wall Symantec's Think Tank