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Did You Know Duggal Offers These Niche Design Services?


Did You Know Duggal Offers These Niche Design Services?

Whether you are producing an exhibition of your artwork or a national rollout for a leading brand, Duggal Visual Solutions can help bring your vision to life. We go beyond printing and graphics to imagine, partner, create, and inspire. Many clients are surprised to learn that we offer much more than photographic printing and wide format graphics, including:   

Mechanical Design

Funneling creative expertise into mathematics, Duggal designers create highly detailed mechanical drawings. Mechanical design serves as the blueprint for successful engineering of machinery and hardware, such as our LUMIPIXELS™ displays combining graphic images and animated light.

3D Renderings

A detailed visualization can help you understand and adjust what your graphics and fixtures will collectively look like well before they are put into production. Particularly when it comes to retail design, a 2D representation is a necessity and 3D interactive renderings are becoming more the norm. Duggal’s 3D experts can create a fully rendered scene, complete with lighting, material textures, graphics placements and more.

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Fixture Design

By combining mechanical design and 3D renderings with our vast knowledge of substrates, production possibilities and install logistics, we are able to deliver custom fixtures often built by our own fabrication team. We are proud to be a trusted design partner for museum exhibitions, gallery openings, events and retail campaigns worldwide. See examples of custom fixtures by Duggal.

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Prototype Packaging

Duggal Packaging Comp Division offers expert, experienced consultation and project management to all facets of the consumer packaging goods industry, including short run packaging comps and prototypes. Between our abilities to simulate degrees of custom spot varnish, print with UV embossing, offer the widest array of stock choices, and assemble comps in line, designers and their clients alike can stay “ahead of the pack” with their creative processes. Learn more.

TV Color Correct

As important as the talent in a TV commercial, a TV color correct package or “hero” comp is the face of a product in the spot. Our clients depend on Duggal TV color correct to present packaging that catches viewers’ eyes on air. From color to finish to full assembly, Duggal can make your packaging the star of the show.

Wondering whether we offer the service you’re looking for? If it involves graphics and visual displays, we probably do. Just ask!