DIMA Emerging Artist Awards: Andrew Lyman – Most Original Image

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DIMA Emerging Artist Awards: Andrew Lyman – Most Original Image

Presented by Duggal Visual Solutions founder Baldev Duggal at the PDN Photo Annual, the 2014 Duggal Image Maker Award recognizes three outstanding individuals whose work resonates with the photo community visually, emotionally and intellectually.

Andrew Lyman received the award for Most Original Image. Check out his winning image below, followed by a brief interview. Congratulations, Andrew!

D: Describe your creative process

AL: I shoot all the time – sometimes overtly conscious and in pursuit of certain themes, however, more often taking photos of everything and waiting to find correlation after. It’s how I do most things, acting on intuition and synthesizing with hindsight.

D: What inspired your winning image?

AL: I made the image that won in 15 minutes at my friends’ house. It was a part of a series of photographs I made based on the phrase Alone Together and its contradiction, through a lens capturing weird and bizarre things in the ultra-normal, mundane environment I was living in at the time. It contributes to my commentary on relation and connection, which is a thread that runs through my work as a whole.

D: Who/what influenced your work?

AL: My friends, media, the internet, where I live; really anything I come in contact with influences me and my work. I take note of what is around me, noticing patterns and significance. Everything can be questioned, given attention, and pointed out to evoke some sort of internal dialogue. I look at things and take photographs as myself in hopes that they may resonate with others.

D: In a perfect world, where do you see your career in 5 years?

AL: In five years I plan to be actively contributing to a contemporary dialogue of art and lifestyle through web and print publications, while showing with my friends and those with complementary visions in public spaces. I want others to see what I see and to experience what I do to somehow inform the way they exist.