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DKNY – London Calling: Transforming a Flagship Store


DKNY – London Calling: Transforming a Flagship Store

How do you approach a massive visual transformation in a historic building for one of the world’s most recognized fashion labels? Very carefully and creatively.

Complementing DKNY London’s floor to ceiling light-box imagery of New York, Duggal Visual Solutions was called upon to create a visually striking storefront, wrapping the internal 2 story façade in light, and display platforms.

With engineering prowess and attention to design, the Duggal team took on the challenges of limited egress and weight allowance, extreme heights, and very limited maneuvering space for install. Using lightweight materials, Triptychframing, Duggal patented lighting systems and electronic know-how, the team created a 31.5’w x 25’h x 6” housing structure, installed lighting over lightweight, internal reflective film to enhance illumination by 40%, and then covered in custom white extruded polycarbonate.

Installation required extensive creativity (and bravery) as well, with a custom scaffolding system that allowed members of the 11 person team to be suspended in mid-air for wiring and securing panels.

The outcome is a powerful presence of DKNY in “Old London town” on this very monumental year. Donna Karan herself told Vogue, “DKNY connects generations, climates, and lifestyles. It’s not one or the other, it’s everything – all at once – and our store design reflects that eclectic spirit and energy.”