Do Photo Labs Still Exist? Yes!

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Do Photo Labs Still Exist? Yes!

Most of us can recall a movie or TV scene of a photograph being developed in a darkroom photo lab, where the photo becomes visible only after being carefully dipped in dye. While this method has become somewhat of a lost art, photo labs do still exist (albeit having evolved with the digital age). So, why use a photo lab in 2018?

Developing Old Film in a Darkroom

The darkroom is still alive and well for those with old film to be developed. The photographic process in a darkroom involves exposing the materials to light, and then bathing the film in various chemicals to produce the physical image. There is something very classic about this method that keeps even new-age photographers committed to film.

Scanning, Duplicating and Digitizing Physical Photos

Photo labs have added different services to their repertoires, many of which revolve around ways to protect, or “digitize,” existing physical prints. Before the digital revolution, it was common that you would only have one physical copy of a developed print, meaning if it got lost, it would be gone forever. Fortunately, with the continued development of high-end scanners and photo duplicators, turning your single copy into multiple copies, and/or creating a digital file of your print, is a surefire way to protect your photos.

Printing Digital Photography

According to Fstoppers, more pictures are taken every two minutes today than during the entire 19th century combined. This is obviously attributed to the development of smartphones with high-end camera technology, along with the emergence of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Although these photos are often taken with no intention of being printed, photo labs still offer services that allow digital, snapshot photos to be beautifully printed on an array of different materials.

Create with a Trusted Photo Lab

Whether you need to develop old film, back up your precious film photographs, or print your imagery, Duggal Visual Solutions can help bring your vision to life. With over 50 years serving photographers of all skill levels, we can guide you through your next photography project from scanning to printing to framing and more.

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