Duggal Assists Lucas Blalock With “Making Memeries”

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Duggal Assists Lucas Blalock With “Making Memeries”

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We live in an era where the ever increasing rate of data transfer has shifted the production, consumption, and archiving of photography. A process that used to take time and patience, as well as a finite number of resources, has become so instantaneous, so second nature and commonplace, that we may take a picture and never look at it again. It was this idea, this general shift in the way that technology has enhanced (or inhibited) our means of documenting memories, that inspired photographer Lucas Blalock to create “Making Memeries,” an exhibition and workshop event at the Tate Modern in London, UK.

“Today a photo has a different claim to time, being much more in the ‘now’ than in the ‘this has been’ of it’s 19th and 20th century pre-internet forebearers. We, in turn, live in a culture of the perpetual present, in a meme-driven world where photos can effortless be shared, but where they most often disappear into digital oblivion.”

Intrigued by this idea to bring photography back to a contemporary light, and to promote interaction with its audience, Lucas Blalock invited a group of photographers to answer one question: “How do contemporary photographers produce and operate in such an environment? How do they challenge it?” The four day event, taking place during Offprint London’s art book fair, allowed those involved in the workshops to provide an answer to this inquiry. “To provide answers they stretch and contextualize their photographic practices, making them suitable for consumption by a live audience, as well as online.”

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At the centerpiece of this workshop was Blalock’s own work: eight movable panels adorned with 10’x8’ banners. Each inspired by theater scenery, the banners could be activated at the hands of the audience by an app, creating an immersive and interactive experience through digital augmented reality. Partnered with Duggal Visual Solutions, the banners were created by printing on outdoor matte vinyl, and sealing a 3” pocket pole along the top and bottoms, allowing them to be attached to the freestanding structures that formed the exhibition.

Reflecting on how we will interact with photographs moving forward in today’s age is a daunting thought, especially in a time where living in the now has become the norm and creating memories for yourself is no longer necessary. Lucas Blalock hopes to continue pushing photography and the ability to “blur traditional boundaries and challenge one’s expectations of viewership.”

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