Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Hank Willis Thomas

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Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas is profoundly interested in collaboration and is attuned to how identity can be refracted through the prisms of media and popular culture. Hank has turned what began as an analog photography practice into a series of conceptual projects that often incorporate ordinary people relating their circumstances and let the audience into a conversation that contemplates our relationship with identity, history, and popular culture. Hank has a range of methods he uses to make this work: sculpture, photography, sound, and installation, however what he produces hinges on directing our attention through careful shifts in perspective that make the quotidian meaningful.

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Hank is now based in New York, after having received a BFA in Photography and Africana studies from New York University and his MFA/MA in Photography and Visual Criticism from the California College of Arts. He has an international exhibition record, and is collected by eminent museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim Museum. He looks towards using Duggal’s dimensional cutting capabilities.

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