Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Juan Gerstl

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Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Juan Gerstl

Juan Gerstl

Since childhood, Juan Gerstl, has been fascinated by discovering symmetry and order in the chaos of movement. Today he is still deeply interested in using forms that are essentially static, but are made mutable by varying their volume and translucence. He calls his art “Geometric Poetry,” but the name gives little hint at how the work reinvents a longstanding traditional practice of kinetic art. Juan has carefully studied the art of established artists who work in this genre and absorbed lessons that then allowed him to find his own solutions to the question of what the machine as a work of art can do to create surprising interactions between itself and the viewer. The key for Juan is considering the internal harmony embedded in every piece he creates.

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Juan Gerstl was born in Caracas, Venezuela and now lives in Madrid, Spain. Juan graduated university with a degree in Visual Communications in 2006. After finishing, he pursued a career in graphic design which served as useful training, prodding him to think always about the relationship of the object’s form to its meaning. Juan wants to use Duggal’s router/dimensional cutting and flatbed printing capabilities.

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