Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Tom Fruin

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Duggal at Global Shop 2016 – Meet Our Artist – Tom Fruin

Tom Fruin works with the things most of us overlook—remnant bits of Plexiglas, steel, plastic and scrap material. He (like most artists) calls these pieces of dregs and dross “found objects.” Indeed, they are things that were lost, because they broke, or wore out, or became technologically obsolete. Tom finds them and finds meaning in them by combining them in quilts, billboards, water towers, assorted architectural forms. All the beauty one would think is absent on city streets, that too gets found again in his work.

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Based in the city of New York, and originally from Los Angeles, CA, his sculpture reads as very recognizably urban, and his conviction reads as honest: Tom believes that reclaiming objects is representing and reclaiming his community, and demonstrating that we are always looking too quickly. We miss the gifts at our feet.

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Tom has had an outstanding career, being exhibited in over 25 solo shows and over 30 group shows in Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Argentina, Switzerland, Israel, Austria and Denmark. His works have been acquired by prestigious collections, including, the Margulies Collection, the Richard J. Massey Foundation for Arts and Sciences, and the Hanck Collection at the Museum Kunstpalast in Germany. His Water tower piece can now be seen on the Brooklyn skyline, as one crosses the Manhattan Bridge. At GlobalShop, Tom’s work will shine in Duggal’s layered plexi framing.




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