Duggal at GlobalShop 2016: Artistically Imprinting the Story

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Duggal at GlobalShop 2016: Artistically Imprinting the Story

Every so often you look at a piece of art and you tumble down the rabbit hole. The work is mesmerizing. You take time with it. After a while you are not really sure how long you’ve looked at it, because you lose yourself in the process of getting to know it—its contours, details, structure. We lose ourselves in art because it takes the everyday experience of looking and makes it astonishing.

It’s difficult to surprise professionals in our industry. But the graphics, fixtures and materials to be displayed by Duggal at the upcoming Globalshop conference are staggering. The work is a breathtaking fusion of art and design.


To create our showcase booth, Duggal partnered with a cohort of brilliant artists, because artists are the practitioners most able to exploit all our capabilities and clearly demonstrate that our technological capacities are only limited by the parameters of the artistic imagination.


The artists gave us their visions. We motivated them to go further by offering them tools they hadn’t yet considered, and didn’t know were available. At our booth in Globalshop you will see lush, imagistic narratives, hallucinatory photography, and genius engineering. This collaboration works because we merged our talents for making images that stamp your consciousness, imprint a story, catch your gaze and hold it.


Duggal stayed away from Globalshop for ten years because we wanted to evolve these capabilities and sensibilities without looking over our shoulder at what the competition were doing. We wanted to develop the kind of technical audacity that would put us out in front.


Now we are here.

If you are attending GlobalShop 2015, March 23-25 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, you may arrange a private tour of the 1,000 sq. ft Duggal booth & art installation by contacting Marc Lovci, Vice President of Business Development mlovci@gmail.com or calling 646-638-7000.

In New York City March 3rd?  Consider attending a special GlobalShop Booth preview, and tour of Duggal Innovation Lab and production facilities.  For more information, email: RSVP@Duggal.com for more information.




Tom Fruin photo by: Mike Lambert

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