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Duggal Big Picture Honored by US 20th ESOS Deployed to Afghanistan

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Duggal Big Picture Honored by US 20th ESOS Deployed to Afghanistan

In a successful effort to spread holiday cheer, Duggal Big Picture Foundation through its Operation Care Package collected and shipped care packages filled with supplies and greeting cards to our troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

After receiving one of the holiday care packages, members of the 20th Expeditionary Special Operations Squadron sent Duggal Big Picture a framed certificate and flag. The accompanying flag was flown aboard a CV-22B Osprey Special Operations Tiltrotor aircraft on January 6, 2020 as part of a combat mission in support of America’s Special Operations Forces executing Operation Freedom Sentinel in Afghanistan. As the flag flew, it symbolized the sovereign power of the United States of America and the unshakeable resolve to keep our country free.

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Michael Duggal and Marc Lovci were recognized on behalf of the Big Picture Foundation and Duggal, for making Operation Care Package possible.  

Don’t forget Duggal Big Picture is collecting Girl Scout Cookies for the troops – aka Operation Cookie Drop.

We have been accepting $5 donations to purchase boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for the troops.  With each box of cookies sent, we have an opportunity to send our servicemen and women on the front lines a taste of home. Our goal is to raise $1000 to support Operation Cookie Drop – that’s only 200 boxes of cookies!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can change a person’s day. Please help us to continue putting smiles on the troop’s faces and letting them know we care. 

Our brave troops really enjoyed receiving cookies from us last year. Let’s send ’em some more this year!

The deadline for donations is February 2nd, 2020. Donations can be made to Omar Columbus ( in BKNY, Bldg 25, 3rd Floor, x1037) or to Ken Bledsoe ( in BKNY, Bldg 25, 2nd Floor, x1141.

“But as dusk gives way to darkness, it falls to a small group of professionals. They don equipment, check weapons, launch aircraft and vehicles, and go. They are a unique collection, no two exactly alike. While some are young, most are middle aged-with experience reflected in lined faces, greying hair, and scarred bodies. They have families they love, and everything to lose. Yet they are the steady hands on aircraft controls and the experienced operators who go through the door. Their courage and commitment defies logic-but on their shoulders, they often carry the hopes and honor of an anxious nation.” – LTG (R) Stanley McChrystal