Duggal Exhibiting at Global Shop 2016

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Duggal Exhibiting at Global Shop 2016

To convince clients that a particular approach and design is a proper fit for their product or their space, we often create models so they can see what will be built. Models help us see. They bridge the gap between the concept and the construction, the vision and the reality, the problem and its solution.

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Duggal Solutions will present a showcase at the upcoming GlobalShop 2016 conference that is essentially a large-scale model of our numerous capabilities. On its own, utilized correctly, each skill we offer is effective in its purpose. But when properly planned and incorporated as part of a visually engaging retail environment the visual outcomes are exponential. The physical space is transformed. It no longer simply facilitates, informs, and directs retail transaction, but becomes a driver for customer engagement.

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Our showcase will display what “exponential” looks like. It represents our collaboration with a cohort of accomplished and adept artists who utilize our capabilities with their ideas to produce visual and tactile experiences that are extraordinary. You will see technological savoir faire working with artistic insight and intuition to generate stunning visual events. These artists are practitioners of visual engagement, and we are practiced at manifesting what had only been imagined. This collaboration is our model, our way of helping savvy designers and retail experience professionals see what we can do.

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Coming to our showcase will allow you to discern the many ways that Duggal’s solutions are opportune for creating brand engagement in brick and mortar shopping destinations. We create visual experiences in which emotion supersedes the short term transaction. We make it possible for consumers to feel better about their purchases and the brand, by being entranced by an environment that holds surprises and delights they cannot anticipate.

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You will see.

To schedule a tour of our GlobalShop booth in Las Vegas to see the artists’ work in person, sign up here.


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Tom Fruin Water Tower photo by Mike Lambert