Duggal Fashion Photo Contest – Runner Up: Julia Nichols


Duggal Fashion Photo Contest – Runner Up: Julia Nichols

Each week we will be showcasing one of the five runner-ups and on the sixth week we will showcase the winner of the contest!

Duggal is pleased to announce one of the runner-ups for the first Duggal Fashion Photography Contest! Congratulations to Julia Nichols!

Julia Nichols grew up in the San Francisco bay area and has always been inspired by her father and mother’s passion for art and music. Nichols is currently a 25 year-old photography student who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Nichols found her desire for photography when she visited a Marilyn Minter Exhibition at the San Francisco MoMA about six years ago. She wanted to re-create Minter’s photographs and paintings of lips drenched in dirt and glitter and it is then that she discovered her passion for creating beauty through a lens. Nichols began taking classes at The Academy of Art in San Francisco and then decided to venture to New York City in hopes of working with great artists and maybe someday display her work in a gallery.

The photograph that Nichols submitted is titled “Blush” and was taken in Santa Cruz, California. The photograph was taken in the early morning, relying solely on natural sunlight and her Canon 5D Mark II.

To see more of Julia Nichols’ photographs please visit www.JuliaNicholsPhoto.com

You can follow Julia on twitter : @Goulia


“I specifically wanted to use the hat as the subject and avoid showing a face, to hopefully add a sense of calm and mystery to the viewer.

I find showing less is sometimes more beautiful.”

-Julia Nichols


© Julia Nichols