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Duggal Fashion Photo Contest – Runner Up: Vicki Evans


Duggal Fashion Photo Contest – Runner Up: Vicki Evans

Each week we will be showcasing one of the five runner-ups and on the sixth week we will showcase the winner of the contest!

Duggal is pleased to announce one of the runner-ups for the first Duggal Fashion Photography Contest! Congratulations to Vicki Evans.

Vick Evans is seventeen years old and is currently a student at Henley College. Growing up in a very creative family, Evans has always had a passion and strong grounding in art and creativity. Currently Evans is studying art, English literature and photography.

The photo that Evans submitted was taken in a barn at the bottom of her garden. The photo represents the balance between chaos and collection that her family upholds, “we have etiquette yet are a rather mad collection and I truly love that.”

The photo was shot with a Nikon D70 and the only lighting used was a halogen bulb floodlight with a sheet over it. To make the model pop Evans increased the exposure, vibrance and saturation in Photoshop and added a guassian blur to the background to give more contrast.

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© Vicki Evans