Duggal Greenhouse Featured in NY Daily News

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Duggal Greenhouse Featured in NY Daily News

The Duggal Greenhouse is showcased in the NY Daily News, which tabs the 35,000 square-foot building “a testament to green building and energy-efficient possibilities.”

The Daily News highlights the transformation of an “unusable space filled with rubble ” into New York’s newest premier venue. Offering breathtaking Manhattan views and a 3,000-person capacity, the Greenhouse is an unparalleled venue for everything from private functions to product launches; from rehearsals to live events. The feature traces Duggal Visual Solutions founder Baldev Duggal’s spectacular entrepreneurial success after immigrating to New York from India in 1957.

The Duggal Greenhouse is a symbol and the centerpiece of Duggal Energy Solutions, Duggal’s eco-visionary arm committed to pioneering innovative solutions to global environmental challenges.

“This is the exact kind of business we want,” Brooklyn Navy Yard CEO Andrew Kimball told the Daily News. “Duggal is about high-design, innovative manufacturing, and local and global appeal. One look at the Greenhouse and you see what’s possible at the Yard.”

Photo Credit: Katsuyoshi Tanaka (via NY Daily News)

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