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The Duggal Greenhouse Hosts Season 2, US Premier of Amazon Prime’s: The Grand Tour

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The Duggal Greenhouse Hosts Season 2, US Premier of Amazon Prime’s: The Grand Tour

The data is in.  The most globally watched Amazon Prime Video series of 2017 is The Grand Tour.  Critics as diverse as AutoWeek to Rotten Tomatoes are giving the 2018 season even greater praise as viewers enjoy each new episode.

Grand Tour Amazon Prime

How do the hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May appeal to such a wide audience?  They share their passion for cars, unscripted and road tested, relying simply on a plethora of communal knowledge and a battery of individual opinion about the technology, ingenuity, and artistry of automobiles.  Add amazing destinations, challenges, and journeys, and the recipe is addicting, even for the uneducated driver.

Grand Tour Car Showcase

How do you fuel up the engine in preparation for a super-charged Season 2?  Welcome fans, car enthusiasts, gear-heads and those magnetized to high-performance programming to a high-octane premier party.

Grand Tour Duggal Greenhouse

With simultaneous December 7, 2017 launch events around the globe, Jeremy, Richard and James choose to celebrate and watch the season premier at the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, New York with over 500 fans.  A testament to the wide audience appeal of the show, considering only 49% of New Yorkers even own a car.

Grand Tour Car in front of Duggal Greenhouse

The Duggal Greenhouse, formally the birthplace of US Navy battleships is quite possibly the only venue in NYC to provide the atmosphere needed for a Grand Tour party. 35,000 square feet and 54-foot ceilings of clean raw industrial space, uniquely Brooklyn, with perfect Manhattan skyline views. The decor and design transformation included a 30′ custom hubcap chandelier, multi-million dollar car collection and grandstand seating for 500 to watch the show.

Grand Tour Primer

All of us at Duggal Visual Solutions and the Duggal Greenhouse congratulate the entire Amazon Prime “The Grand Tour” team on a fantastic night and new season.

Grand Tour Party

Video: NYC Premier at the Duggal Greenhouse by