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Duggal Innovations: Our Award-Winning Presence at GlobalShop 2016

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Duggal Innovations: Our Award-Winning Presence at GlobalShop 2016


For over 50 years Duggal has had the privilege to work with world’s top artists, photographers, retailers and corporations. Through that collaboration amazing things have happened. We inspire each other and work together to make our customers stand out through our unique mix of old world craftsmanship and the technology of tomorrow.


Duggal has taken decades of professional practice to focus on building a diverse range of capabilities based on stunningly new technologies — so this partnership is precisely what is needed to make these capabilities manifest. Both partners ask themselves how it’s possible to get to higher echelons of creativity, vision and innovation. They put their minds and resources together, and they went to work. The results were on full display at Duggal’s stunning and award-winning presence at GlobalShop 2016, the world’s largest visual merchandising trade show.

By its extraordinary showing at the well-attended show, Duggal took home the show’s top awards and honors: Best of Competition and Best in Booth Design.


ARE Design Awards-Celebration-57

Duggal’s Marc Lovci, Michael Duggal, Glenn Rabbach and Ryan Reitbauer

As one judge stated, “We were impressed with the variety of product and design, and the booth’s bold visual statement.”

Duggal’s wide-ranging capabilities are composed of many dynamic and multi-media technologies:

Fabric Frames and Lightboxes:

Duggal has been at the forefront of manufacturing UL listed eco friendly LED light boxes. Together with our vast array of fabric printing capabilities we provide our customers a total solution to provide consistent, color balanced, high impact visuals and displays. Being the manufacturer of both the lightboxes and the graphics that are inserted into them, allows us to produce consistent color balanced visuals for our customers. We utilize our own OEM manufactured LED lights that are binned to be consistent with vibrant clean white light, and our UL certified personnel and components combine to provide consistent maintenance free performance. Duggal produces everything from single custom light boxes to thousand store rollouts for top global brands.

The slotted extrusion framing systems we utilize allow edge-to-edge visuals with no unsightly hardware distracting from your image. Non-illuminated fabric frames are also available. All of these frames can be wall mounted, suspended or free standing to meet your needs.


Laser Optics/Fiber Optics:

These flexible fiber-optic lit strands simulate neon. They bend, curve, and wrap and may be used to suspend objects. Laser Optics are brightly illuminated for a high-impact, colorful display that can act as both a centerpiece and an entrancing accent.


Merchandising Systems:

Duggal’s merchandising systems consist of pedestals with changeable shrouds that can be laser cut, or routed into graphics and knock-out patterns, or graphically treated. They include wall flats with large-scale printability, and can be cut into dynamic, layered shapes. These setups offer flexibility by way of ceiling-mounted systems and graphical backdrops.


3D/Lenticular Printing:

Lenticular printing provides a holographic/shifting image effect. This technique has the breathtaking ability to show movement and depth in an essentially static image.


Custom Framing:

We have an extraordinary in-house framing shop capable of amazing fine art frame construction. Whether a modern, ultra deep shadow-box, or a minimalist gallery frame is needed, Duggal is the place. Additionally, through the use of a light-guide plate, a framed image can be illuminated as if within a lightbox, giving a thoroughly modern approach to framing fine artwork.


HD C-Prints®:

Duggal’s own revolutionary new HD C-Prints® produce the highest resolution prints possible with an astounding 6,100 apparent dpi, more than twice the resolution of standard photographic prints. These continuous tone prints provide outstanding detail and dimensionality. The sharpness and unrivaled resolution truly bring the work to life, immersing the viewer in stunning color and definition.


Dimensional Printing:

This process uses a unique application of multi-layered printing to make images jump off the substrate on which they are printed. By utilizing this technique, prints can not only be enjoyed visually with true depth but also by tactile sensation. Not only does the relief effect invite viewers to touch the prints, it also creates a dynamic play of light and shadow.


Acrylic Bespoke Fabrication:

Our acrylic fabrication department featuring an array of laser cutting equipment allows us to create gorgeous dimensional pieces. From dimensional lettering to intricate 3D forms, it’s all possible.


Magnetic Solutions:

Thanks to our ability to print on magnetized materials, we can offer easily changed, layer-able graphics and imagery. Materials can also be incorporated into custom displays with shelving. The advantage of magnetic graphics is, while rollable for shipping they have a beautiful “lay-flat” appearance without the need for frames or hardware.

Low Bezel Displays:

These ultra-high-definition screens have an infinitesimal border which lets them be panelized to create high-impact, motion-driven video displays.


Pixel Cubes:

These are high density, modular, video-driven displays. With a pixel-pitch of 2.2 mm, they can be tiled to create bright, dynamic showcases. They are comprised of 20”w x 20”h display surfaces.


Transparent Media Mesh:

This technology consists of modular lattices of pixel-based displays. The image luminance controls the perceived opacity of the screen, allowing you to “drop the curtain” and incorporate up to 80% transparency in motion content. This startling and dynamic display may occupy an entire window bay. This is prime time.


Surface Tables:

Bespoke, centerpiece tables with embedded touch-screen monitors. The aim is to have interactivity between the touch screens and the surrounding interactive elements, allowing you to “throw” content from the table screens into the environment.


Chat & Charge:

These stations provide mobile-phone charging in collaboration with Powermat, and an example of Duggal’s fixturing.


Media Mirror:

Our interactive media mirrors provides social media integration in a fun and eye-catching package.


Laser CNC Heat Bending:

Augmenting our display department is a comprehensive fleet of precision cutting devices used for dimensional lettering, box making, fine art cutouts, topographical displays and unique pieces. Our laser cutters and router cutting machines are capable of X, Y and Z cutting on a wide variety of materials including acrylics, Sintra, Gatorboard, rubber, fabrics, mirrors, wood, leather and beyond. We also offer drape forming and heat bending capabilities.

Shelf Talkers:

Our sleek, eye-catching, video shelf talkers grab consumer attention directly at the location of product display. Available in configurations of 3, 6 or 9 screens, these high impact advertising tools can present separate content on each screen or continuous video from one screen to the next. Available with audio integration, they are powerful additions to effective merchandising solutions.


Transparent LCD:

This technology features museum-quality display fixtures integrated with clear screen digital and interactive technologies. These custom-fabricated displays showcase product against a backdrop of layered video, graphics, sketches, etc.


Contact your Duggal Rep or call (212)924-8100 for more information about of our capabilities.


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