Duggal & Jack Early at Southfirst Gallery – "WWJD"

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Duggal & Jack Early at Southfirst Gallery – "WWJD"

Duggal worked on graphics for Jack Early’s exhibit WWJD at Southfirst Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. WWJD features a new installation by Jack Early. Duggal helped to produce part of the installation – an 8.5’ tall illuminated Plexiglas cross. The printed parts were done on the Durst 500 and then the pieces were cut out in order to construct the cross.

The exhibit is at Southfirst Gallery in Williamsburg and open from September 7th – October 27th, 2012.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Jack Early and his exhibit.

60 N6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
ph 718 599 4884

 Check back soon for more photos from the exhibit!