Duggal Printing Highlight: HD C-Prints

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Duggal Printing Highlight: HD C-Prints

Introducing the revolutionary new HD-C-prints featuring an astounding 6,100 apparent DPI, which is twice the resolution of other photographic prints and way beyond any form of inkjet technology. Duggal’s HD C-Prints are created on true archival photographic papers including Matte, Glossy & Metallic finishes up to 50″ x100″ (1270 x 2540mm).  In addition stunningly vivid prints on display films (Duratrans and Duraclear) are also available.

Equipped with a solid state RGB laser unit, it is the only exposure system which allows the maximum in terms of color depth, color separation, perfect continuous tone and maximum details in the Highlights and Shadows.  The Polielettronica 16bit/colour graphic processor guarantees the complete transfer of information from image to paper. The Laser alignment system and the optical transfer, through a single fiber optic developed at Polielettronica, guarantees the maximum quality of each of the 1,393,545,600 pixels (1,3GB) needed to expose a 50”x100” print.

Come see these one-of-kind prints and SEE THE DETAIL YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING™

To see samples stop by our showroom at 29 West 23rd Street in Manhattan.

To find out more information please contact our HD C-Prints specialist at 646-638-7316 or 646-638-7122.